Why I Get Off on Being Thrashed and Beaten

After Rihanna popularised her S&M-themed song followed by the Fifty Shades of Grey frenzy, many people have become interested on the kinks of BDSM. For the dilettante on this niche, BDSM means “Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism.” Those who get off on being thrashed and beaten and the enthusiasts (e.g. dominatrix escorts) of this kink are usually disgraced by the society, and to the extent that some go behind bars. As a matter of fact, The Guardian reported that the United Kingdom had at least four trials involving S&M practitioners.

Regardless of the occasional hullabaloos on this matter, people who get sexual satisfaction from experiencing/inflicting pain continue to get off and get on with their lives.

Dominance and Submission

Dominance and submission encompasses attitudes, behaviours or routines that are supposed to be erotic in nature. Aside from the usual physical contact, D/s can happen over the phone, on chat or through e-mail. If it gets extremely physical, it crosses sadomachism (S&M).

Generally, there are three reasons why people get engrossed on S&M: the appeal of kink; the produced neurochemicals that are responsible for the sensational feeling experienced by sadists and masochists; and the strong link that connects the people involved, which is established because of deep trust.

The kink of S&M is both alluring and enticing to the sadists and masochists. For the submissive part, they get aroused when the person who dominates them finds it sexy and enjoys what he/she’s doing. Moreover, the neurochemicals adrenalin, endorphins and enkephalins, which are produced when whipped, thrashed or paddled, are responsible for the addictive sensation that masochists feel. When these neurochemicals accumulate and are released, it pretty much drives the sub-person in an intensified state of ecstasy and euphoria.

S&M is more than just a kink and a sexual play. The whole ‘process’ presents a good time for both partners to feel connected, and that is absolutely intoxicating. The science behind this can be traced from the oxytocin or the love hormone. The S&M play is motivated by the oxytocin that makes the whole deal more intimate.

Sadomasochism offers an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves: the things that get us off and make us sexually satisfied. Nevertheless, S&M unearths our ‘wild side’ which we never thought existed.